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Personal Feng Shui Consulting Services

Find Hope, Peace, and Joy 

Is your ultimate goal to seek greater peace, prosperity, and abundance in your life?

Do you find you are never fully relaxed in your office or home environment?
Do you seek to improve your work/life balance?

“My work is focused on helping you create a personal environment that will provide a peaceful sanctuary where you are in control, anxiety-free and confident – a home that welcomes prosperity, good health, improved relationships and abundance.”

Personal / Home Feng Shui Consulting

Do you find you are never fully relaxed in your home environment? Do you seek to improve your work/life balance? Is your ultimate goal to seek greater prosperity and abundance in your life and have a more peace-filled life?

Pat enables clients to envision the future they want. She starts with the what, why and where they are today, and empowers them with the how of Feng Shui principles to achieve their end goals.


Home evaluations and consultations can be performed either on-site, through the use of floor plans and pictures or online through Zoom, or FaceTime.  Evaluations would include the removal of energy drainers causing stress and anxiety. We would then create balance and energize specific areas of need based on the client’s concerns, needs and goals.

What to Expect From Feng Shui Personal / Home Consulting Services

  • Analysis of the flow of energy outside and inside your home

  • Exploration of your concerns and needs

  • An evaluation of your home to remove stress and anxiety creating factors such as clutter, negatively impacting colors and design

  • Recommendations for creating balance and harmony and how to bring positive energy into your home

  • Information on the best location for beds in every bedroom

  • Evaluation of the front yard, every room in the house and the back yard based on your goals and objectives and make recommendations

  • Creation of a roadmap to help you shift energy in the areas of your home that correspond to the areas of your needs such as health, wealth, relationship, abundance, etc.

  • Included in the action plan is information for the exterior and interior of the home along with diagrams when appropriate.


Create a home filled with peace and harmony where everything you say, think, feel and do matters because that’s how you create your tomorrow.

Note: It usually takes a one hour consultation to review a house or condo of 2500 square feet or less – more if your home is larger or you are dealing with a number of complex issues. You will also need to provide Pat with the following at least 72 hours prior to your appointment:

  • A detailed floor plan of your home including doors, windows, appliances, bathrooms and the locations of the bed in each bedroom

  • The compass direction your home faces. When standing inside your front door looking out what direction are you facing?

  • A list of three to five life issues you are working on such as relationships, income, your health or the health of others in the home, etc.


These items can be email to Once your personal / feng shui consultation has been booked, we will contact you to schedule your appointment date and time!


We look forward to working with you!