Small Business Consulting Services

Maximize Productivity, Purpose, & Profits

Do you feel your corporate culture lacks sustainability?

Do you seek to improve your work/life balance?

Are you looking to create a more focused and profitable workforce environment? 

Are you ready to maximize your productivity and increase the bottom line?

Do you find it hard for everyone in the company to hear and understand the message that is being shared?

"Productivity comes from the alignment of the energy in your surroundings & thoughts with your goals and objectives.“

Pat Heydlauff, Workplace Expert & Flow of Focus Strategist

Pat’s passion is helping businesses be more efficient, effective, and productive by providing an all-encompassing solution with her signature Flow of Focus System.

Pat Heydlauff is an expert in the field of building engaging workplace environments that unleash your workforce’s flow of focus. Her innovative tools and bold strategies presented in her programs and consultations include the creation of engaging conversational communications and her transformational organization chart.

 Pat works with businesses using her 7 Step “Flow of Focus” System that provides a roadmap for leadership, executives, management and the workforce to promote focus, efficiency and effectiveness while improving all aspects of the business. This customized system serves to inspire leadership, Board interaction, and employee performance while improving productivity and profitability.

  • Develop your business soul to better connect with employees and customers

  • Build an encouraging inspiring workplace environment to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction

  • Create a flow of focus that engages your workforce – the result? Sustainable productivity, profitability, efficiency, and performance!

Focused Engaged Workforce Consulting

Sustainable Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity

Whether you work in a spacious corner office, cubicle, or the corner of your guest bedroom, the need for eliminating distractions and providing a workplace environment that encourages focus and productivity is equally important.

Pat offers actionable strategies through her Flow of Focus System to increase corporate sustainability, productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

Our Groundbreaking Flow of Focus System Takes

a Multi-Dimensional Look at Your Company

This groundbreaking system provides a unique approach to leadership success for decision makers and influence leaders seeking a strategic advantage.

We provide the best results in the least amount of time because our strategy and system are all encompassing. Your roadmap will include an evaluation & recommendations on how to: 

  • Increase mental & emotional focus, emotional & physical well-being, & work/life balance

  • Eliminate distractions & energy drainers in the physical location to create flow of focus

  • Create systems to unify your workforce through a connecting and communicating culture with a corporate moral compass

  • Create a less-stressful environment – this system is not just a fix, it opens up the workplace to a more energetic and less stifling environment

  • Prioritize time – learning to do the important not the urgent

  • Expand creative energy – leads to problem solving and innovation

  • Create buy-in – help employees understand why they’re doing what they’re doing and why it’s important

  • Improve engagement – increases employee retention, productivity, flow of ideas, and communications, renews workforce energy, and creates sustainability

  • Regenerate and inspire leadership – eliminates burnout, improves employee/employer connection and improves innovation

  • Build corporate sustainability – leads to business regeneration and expansion​