Are You Seeking Greater Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness all Leading to Greater Sustainability?


At Heydlauff Enterprises, we feel strongly about working with the mid-size and larger corporations to change the culture, the physical, emotional and relational environment, increase productivity and effectiveness and ultimately create greater sustainability. By impacting a greater number of people, we are able to change not only the corporate culture one corporation at a time but improve the lives of the employees simultaneously.

021274233-acknowledgement.jpegIt’s not just what you do – it’s also whether you have set up the environment to help the workforce be more focused on what you want them to focus upon and perform better – your environment can enhance what you are doing or throw up obstacles. Since we realize that every company is made up of individuals, the practice of balance and prosperity either starts at home or begins in the workplace and needs to be taken home at days end. Click to Learn More

Are you a business or corporation seeking to step into the new realm of leadership where employees are treated as family and the company is seeking to build a legacy with each individual being totally vested in the Vision of the Leadership. This is done with the following focus:

  • The Workforce’s Flow of Focus through the Flow of Attention,

  • The Workplace environment’s Flow of Productivity,

  • The Flow of Communication, each employee in the organization hears and interprets exactly the same message,

  • The Flow of Connection, creating the combination of focus and communication where management is no longer stationary but instead directly involved with their employees,

  • The Flow of Recognition where people in the organization feel fully valued,

  • The Flow of Time, determining what is important vs. doing only the urgent,

  • The Flow of Regeneration, creating the mental and emotional regeneration of leadership and every employee

  • The Flow of Sustainability where a sustainable culture is built so the corporation flourishes for years to come. Learn More

Whether you are an entrepreneur or organization seeking to create a greater flow in order to increase your bottom line, a homeowner wanting to command a greater peace and functionality, or a corporation seeking to step into the new realm of leadership, Heydlauff Enterprises will provide the solution.