Pat Heydlauff: Flow of Focus Expert


As the former Executive Director of the health food and nutritional products industry’s only national trade association, Pat was responsible for not only representing the industry and its members but also had important influence at that time over the blossoming health and fitness movement in the United States.

The ailing not for profit, experiencing significant growing pains and legislative battles, was in need of a turn around, a dramatic increase in revenue streams and membership. Pat was responsible for the following areas:

  • Finance

  • Structure

  • Member services

  • Legislative matters

  • Trade shows

  • Communications

  • Execution and implementation of board of director decisions including long-range projections and goals

The ability to communicate with individuals and groups at every level was critical whether young or old, a layman, a lobbyist or legislator or with the business acumen of a Mom and Pop store or an International Corporation. Her responsibilities took her to 42 states and various offshore locations where she addressed legislatures and affiliate industry organizations on behalf of an industry of 12,000 businesses with combined annual sales at that time of $4.5 billion.

While the industry was all about the flow of better nutritional products and supplements from their manufacturing plants and retail stores in the marketplace to the consumer, one of her responsibilities was to bring together the stakeholders, in this case the board members, who often had entrenched agendas with divergent goals and get them to unify and focus. Being the CEO of an association with a board made up of opposing sides is extremely stressful and fraught with chaos, obstacles and others seeking control. Under Pat’s leadership the association:

  • Stabilized but increased revenue by 300% in less than five years by increasing membership, convention attendance and adding revenue streams;

  • Won numerous legislative battles

  • Enjoyed a number of years of unified focused board activity

Her overall focus was truly to create the flow of communication and connection so each party was unified in their focus for success.

After leaving the association and having embarked on a new career path, the high anxiety, excessive travel, and constant stress of her previous employment took a real toll on Pat’s physical health and overall well-being. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, an accident (of her own creation) left her blind in her right eye. Not only had the lens in her eye been shattered – so had her life. She had not learned the lessons of how to control the stress, eliminate negative thinking, and create the flow of balance her body and mind required. She was still drowning in old thinking, and surrounded by energy drainers and obstacles.

By then her creative side /right brain had taken control of her life, somehow knowing that she needed balance in her life more than ever. She was drawn like a magnet, – pulling closer and closer to the philosophies and principles of hope, balance and success held by an ancient Chinese civilization known as Feng Shui. It was these basic principles and the natural flow of energy that continued to encourage her to study more and look deeper into why those who used the principles were so successful without paying the price of stress, anxiety and loss of health. It was no secret that business tycoons such as Donald Trump had is Manhattan office Feng Shuied and Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines was a huge proponent of its principles. From this critical time in her life, Heydlauff Enterprises was born.