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“In today’s world with cement cities, noise pollution, chaos and isolating environments, it is difficult to find hope, peace and joy. 


As an expert at designing home and workplace environments that reduce stress, improve work/life balance, and increase prosperity and knowledge in Feng Shui principles, I provide a roadmap crucial for navigating through today’s chaos, technological interruptions and financial dictates.Through the 7 Divine Principles from Looking Within, I help others open their hearts so they can see the truth, open their ears to hear the Divine’s whispers and and open their thinking so they can love, flourish, and connect.”

Pat Heydlauff, “The Renaissance Woman” & Flow of Focus Strategist

Work/Life Balance, Prosperity, & WorkForce Expert 


Transformation | Alignment | Connection


Having left an anxiety-producing, stress-filled job, Pat Heydlauff found herself physically and emotionally depleted. While seeking more balance in her life, Pat studied the philosophies and principles of hope, balance, success and sustainability held by ancient Chinese and far eastern civilizations. It was these basic principles and the natural flow of energy that inspired her to study more and look deeper into why those who used the principles were so successful — without paying the price of stress, anxiety, and burnout.


Out of these experiences Heydlauff Enterprises was born. Through personal and small business consulting, workshops, and trainings, Pat enables clients and organizations to envision the future they want. She starts with the what, why and where they are today, empowering them with the how and a touch of Feng Shui to achieve their end goals.


Pat is an expert at designing home & workplace environments that:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Work/Life Balance

  • Increase Prosperity 

  • Cultivate Deeper Connections

  • Develop Flow of Focus

  • Promote Hope, Peace and Joy

Some know her as "The Renaissance Woman," others as a “Flow of Focus” strategist. Pat draws on her 25+ years of hands-on CEO, client, and personal experience plus expert knowledge in Feng Shui principles to provide a roadmap crucial for navigating through today’s chaos, technological interruptions, and financial dictates.

Create Work-Life Balance & Fuel Prosperity with a Feng Shui Twist!


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Unleash Sustainable Peace, Productivity, Performance, Profitability & Prosperity

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The results speak for themselves. Our JTHS Board of Director’s meeting was a great success. You helped us align our goals and objectives as a board so we could develop new member growth while energizing existing member participation.”


Joan Alipo, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors, 2013 Florida Realtors Chair Global Business, 2012 Florida Realtors Associate Realtor of the Year

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