Welcome to Heydlauff Enterprises

In an ever changing corporate and business world, where we see a great diversity in the workforce due to age, their social communication and connection culture and moral compass, a flow of focus that creates greater productivity and sustainability is an absolute necessity. Heydlauff Enterprises is built from Pat’s business and personal experience. Having left an anxiety-producing, stress-filled job, Pat found herself physically and emotionally depleted as she entered this new phase of her life. While seeking more balance in her life, Pat studied the philosophies and principles of hope, balance, success and sustainability held by ancient Chinese and far eastern civilizations. It was these basic principles and the natural flow of energy that continued to encourage her to study more and look deeper into why those who used the principles were so successful without paying the price of stress, anxiety and burnout.

These principles opened up even more doors as she turned to creativity and began painting, which further reduced stress and unleashed innovation. This newfound release opened Pat up to even greater idea generation, thinking outside the box and a whole new creative thought process.

Out of these experiences Heydlauff Enterprises was born. With three distinct divisions under one umbrella, Pat knows that her experience and expertise drives her passion to help businesses maximize productivity and profitability and individuals live a truly stress free and prosperous life.


  • At Energy Design, she works with individuals, organizations and small businesses (under 5) to design a home and workplace environment that reduces stress, improves work and life balance as well as increases prosperity.

  • Realizing the importance of creativity in one’s life, Pat focuses on renewing and regenerating her own spirit and thinking and that of others by creating unique paintings and artwork , that add to the natural flow of focus and expansion of innovation. She also integrates her “free flow” painting style into some of her programs to emphasize the need for creativity and regeneration. Her artwork is sure to add value to any home or office.

  • But Pat’s true passion at Engage to Lead is helping businesses be more efficient, effective, and productive by providing an all-encompassing solution with her signature Flow of Focus System. This groundbreaking system provides a unique approach to leadership success for decision makers and influence leaders seeking a strategic advantage.