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  • Feng Shui Expert

  • Work/Life Balance and Prosperity Expert

  • Certified in Organization Mgmt, Neuro Linguistic Programming, & Time Line Therapy

  • Founder of the Groundbreaking “Flow of Focus” System for Leadership & Efficiency

  • Workforce & Productivity Expert

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About Pat Heydlauff

Pat Heydlauff, “The Renaissance Woman”


Pat Heydlauff is an innovator and thought leader, often referred to as “a modern-day Renaissance Woman.” She is an expert in Feng Shui; the author of six books, an artist, and the pioneer of the “flow of work/life balance and prosperity” movement that has helped fuel the success of individuals and businesses alike.. 

Prior to launching Heydlauff Enterprises, Pat spent 10 years in the non-profit industry and was the Executive Director of the health food and nutritional products industry’s only national trade association. Her responsibilities took her to 42 states and various offshore locations where she addressed legislatures and affiliate industry organizations on behalf of an industry of 12,000 businesses with combined annual sales at that time of $4.5 billion. Under Pat’s leadership the association increased revenue by 300% in less than five years and enjoyed a flow of communication and connection that unified the organization’s focus for success.


Although rewarding in its own way, ultimately the high anxiety, excessive travel, and constant stress of her employment took a toll on Pat’s physical health and overall well-being. This led Pat on a personal journey to create balance and peace within, beginning with learning the lessons of how to control stress, eliminate negative thinking, and create the flow of balance her body and mind required.


The more she let her creative side reign free, she found herself drawn to the philosophies and principles of hope, balance, and success held by an ancient Chinese civilization known as Feng Shui. As she created peaceful surroundings for herself, she began painting, journaling, and focusing on the spiritual side of herself.

She looked within to get the answers to important questions, such as “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” That’s when she realized that her purpose was to help others embark on their own journey of spiritual transformation and awakening—to use her writing and art to enable others to look within and find their own answers. She firmly believes that a person’s outer world is a reflection of their inner world. 

From this critical time in her life, Heydlauff Enterprises was born.


“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” 


Today, Pat is on a creative and spiritual journey to transform lives and businesses using proven methods to overcome stress and chaos, remove clutter and disorder, enhance personal and business growth, and improve relationships, prosperity, productivity, and joy.

Pat is guided by her understanding that all people are eternally connected ... and that we all need to find ways to remove chaos, fear, and despair from our lives and replace them with hope, peace, and joy.

The result is balance, and cultivating and enjoying a deep nurturing spiritual connection from which the rest of our life can flourish — as our Creator intended. “As within, so without.”  

Pat is certified in Organization Management from the Institute for Organization Management, is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, uses the Disney Approach to Creative Leadership, and is an Expert in the use of Feng Shui principles and Flow of Focus Creativity.

Her work has been featured in newspapers and magazines around the globe, including: Inside Supply Management, Success Magazine, EHS Today and Personal Excellence.


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Feng Shui Expert

Pat Heydlauff is an expert at designing home and workplace environments that reduce stress, improve work/life balance, and increase prosperity. She draws on her 25 years of hands-on CEO, client and personal experience plus expert knowledge in Feng Shui principles to provide a roadmap crucial for navigating stress, chaos, and obstacles and cultivating the life and business you desire.


Working with the end in mind, Pat enables you to envision the future you want. She starts with the what, why and where you are today, empowering you with the how and a touch of Feng Shui to achieve your goals. Her mission is to empower organizations and individuals to build and strengthen your existing workplace and home environments so that balance is the norm and peace, productivity, prosperity increase.

Learn more about our Feng Shui Consulting Services: 

Personal/Home, SpiritualBusiness, Real Estate 


Work/Life Balance, Productivity & Prosperity Expert


In addition to being a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a pioneer “flow of work/life balance and prosperity” environment expert. As an association CEO, her leadership and focus on innovation and increasing member and Board engagement resulted in:


  • Stabilizing and increasing revenue streams

  • Turning around an ailing industry association where membership and leadership were not always focused on a unified result

  • Increasing revenue 300% in less than five years

  • Winning numerous legislative battles

  • Bringing together stakeholders with entrenched agendas by managing their focus

  • Creating a flow of communication and connection so each party was unified in their focus for success.


Learn more about Pat's personal, business, and real estate consulting and how her unique methods can help you reach your goals!



Pat Heydlauff is renowned for her dynamic, inspirational, and “energizing results-oriented” presentations. From association meetings to corporate events, Pat helps businesses and organizations flip the “on” switch to unleashing sustainable productivity, performance, and profitability! 


Pat has spent the last 25+ years designing groundbreaking strategies and developing actionable tools that provide a roadmap for leadership, executives, management, and the workforce to manage their focus, efficiency, and effectiveness while improving all aspects of the business. 


Learn more about Pat’s customizable programs and how you can book her for your next speaking engagement!




Pat Heydlauff, a “flow of focus” expert, speaker and consultant designs home and workplace environments that unleash the flow of focus and maximize performance while creating balance and increasing prosperity. She is author of the forthcoming book, A Look Within, and published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, Beyond Engagement: Seven Ways Leaders Fuel Tomorrow’s Sustainability, and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge. 


Expand your library and your mind with Pat’s collection of personal, spiritual, and business development books. Shop now!




As an artist, Pat paints images that use color, shape, and design to convey messages of inspiration, balance, and harmony. Known as a “spiritual artist,” she uses her art to take people on a visual journey, enabling a world of possibilities. Her work includes Still Lifes, Landscapes, Spiritual Artwork, and Inspirational Posters.


To see Pat’s artwork, or to purchase a piece visit

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