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Love and happiness, spiritual awakening, divine connection, and enlightenment, are within reach. With the right principles, including positive thinking and a positive attitude, you can change your life. Spiritual transformation and life transformation await. Visit to learn more. Heydlauff Enterprises: Personal, Spiritual, Business Coaching. Feng Shui Expert and Work/Life Balance and Prosperity Expert.

The Prosperity Store

Featuring Books, Hand-Painted Original Design Gifts, Feng Shui Products, Music, and More!

Pat’s unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous stunning pieces of art work gifts and products based on the science of creating energy by design. Her message, whether verbal, in books or art form, exhibits a vital energy through words, sight, color and design.

All books, inspirational products and Feng Shui gift items are original designs by Pat Heydlauff and were crafted with the intent of creating peace within or a sanctuary, motivate or inspire. All music items have been personally selected by Pat to support your various energy needs to create an environment of balance, harmony and a positive flow of energy.

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