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Consulting Services

Transform Every Area of Your Life & Business

Our Mission is to help individuals unlock their full potential to live a truly stress-free, prosperous, and meaningful life, and to guide businesses to a path of maximum productivity, profitability, and efficiency. Create work-life balance, find peace and joy, and fuel prosperity with our unique Feng Shui-infused personal and business coaching services. 

Unleash Sustainable Peace, Productivity, Performance and Profitability

Personal / Home

“Overcome challenges and find your way to a better life filled with harmony, love, joy, and deep and meaningful connection.”


Imagine a home that welcomes prosperity, good health, improved relationships, productivity, creativity, spiritual connection, and abundance.


By using Feng Shui principles in your home, you can create an environment that cultivates just that. Enoy a peaceful sanctuary where you are in control, anxiety-free, confident, and connected.

 With Pat's guidance, shift the energy in your home to create work-life balance and fuel prosperity, joy, harmony, happiness, and prosperity.

Corporate / Small Business

  • Develop your business soul to better connect with employees and customers

  • Build an encouraging inspiring workplace environment to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction

  • Create a flow of focus that engages your workforce – the result? Sustainable productivity, profitability, and performance!

Pat offers actionable strategies through her Flow of Focus System to increase corporate sustainability, productivity, efficiency, and profitability. This groundbreaking system provides a unique approach to leadership success for decision makers and influence leaders seeking a strategic advantage.

Real Estate

  • Eliminate energy-drainers and surround yourself with positive, supportive energy

  • Stay focused and motivated

  • Be more productive, efficient, and effective

  • Advise sellers on the best way to prepare their home so that it not only looks good, but feels good to prospects


Pat’s actionable solutions provide hope and results for realtors. Using a Feng Sui consultation is empowering for the realtor whether applied to your own office or applied to the property they wish to sell. In the office Feng Shui creates selling energy and in the client’s home it creates buyer appeal.

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Your Journey Starts Here


Pat Heydlauff is an expert at designing home and workplace environments that reduce stress, improve work/life balance and increase prosperity and focus. She draws on her 25+ years of hands-on CEO, client, and personal experience plus expert knowledge in Feng Shui principles and her groundbreaking Flow of Focus system to provide a roadmap for achieving your personal and professional goals. Pat provides the best results in the least amount of time because her strategy and system are all encompassing.

Working with the end in mind, Pat enables clients and organizations to envision the future they want. She starts with the what, why and where they are today, empowers them with the how and a touch of Feng Shui to achieve their end goals.

Pat is available for telephone, Zoom, or onsite consultations for:

  • Your Home

  • Home Office

  • The Solopreneur

  • Realtors

  • Small Businesses/Corporate (2-50 employees)

  • Leadership Groups 

PatHeydlauff: Feng Shui Coach, Personal and Spiritual Coach, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker
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