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Enjoy this Autographed Limited Edition!


21 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement shares practical tools to help readers shift their thinking and results so they can increase productivity on a business and personal level.


Public enemy number one for leadership and management is distracted focus. It leads to lack of clarity and reduces personal and workforce engagement, productivity, and performance. Change the focus dynamic in your life and you will improve your personal performance, engage your team, and improve long-term success. In 21 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement you will learn the steps to developing the habit of proactively being responsible for yourself, empowering yourself to create your future, and then empowering your employees to create a unified future for the organization and themselves.


This book is your facilitator of transformation to help you create a better tomorrow where employees are engaged, encouraged, and involved. Being aware of how focus flows in your workplace and personal life is the first step to harnessing and channeling it to increase productivity and performance. Only when you realize how many ways focus can be distracted can you begin to develop a roadmap to the harnessing process so you can unleash it at your choosing and send it in the direction you want.


Ultimately, this book will reveal the strategies to help you become more aware of where the flow of focus goes, and it will provide you the tools necessary to develop a roadmap so you can harness and unleash focus, thus enabling you to improve your own success as well as those you lead.


21 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement - Autographed

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