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Discover the Ancient Truths for the Modern World


“We begin! Close your eyes so you can hear. Listen carefully. It is I, Thoth, your trusted associate…” And so began the journey of a lifetime for Pat Heydlauff, renowned thought leader, Feng Shui expert, and author. Now she invites you to travel with her to the Library of Wisdom and Knowledge and learn from Thoth, a god of high rank in the Ancient Egyptian hierarchy.


What began as a typical journaling session one morning quickly evolved into a one-on-one conversation into the mysteries of the universe, the state of the human condition, and the lessons all people must learn to transform their world and their life. Over the course of several months, Pat traveled with Thoth and witnessed a world of possibilities in terms of technology, healthcare, community, and so much more. Now she is sharing Thoth’s message of peace, hope, and transformation so people can gain wisdom, live their truth, and finally experience unconditional love.


Join her on this amazing journey. Close your eyes so you can hear. Open your heart so you can see. Experience the journey of a lifetime as only Thoth can show you.




“Conversations with Thoth is a powerful book that reveals the secrets of the universe for manifestation and transformation.” –Monet Brooks, Clairvoyant, Medium, and Spiritual teacher


“This wonderful book by Pat Heydlauff provides insight into the simple principles of how one can find balance, peace, and happiness. She is masterful in bringing self-awareness to light!” –Janet MacLean Jansen, Owner of Windkiss Ranch and Co-Founder/Owner of GypsyLive


“Whether you're seeking guidance in navigating life's challenges, exploring the mysteries of the universe, or simply yearning for a deeper connection to your inner self, Pat Heydlauff's books are a sanctuary for the seeker.” –Kimberly Netling, DAOM, Vim Acupuncture and Integrated Wellness Center


Conversations with Thoth: Your Pathway to Wisdom, Truth, and Unconditional Love

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