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Enjoy this Autographed Limited Edition!


Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It empowers readers to make physical changes in their environment that lead to personal success and abundance.


"I was given this valuable book as a gift. I knew my life was in constant total chaos, but never knew how to change it. This book is so valuable and in easy explained steps, completely changed my life for the better. I even bought a second book to keep in my office. I read it and now refer back to it often. I have to say that it is now my favorite book because it has given me energy and the power to look at life with confidence and happiness; a quality of living I never had before. I might add... I am just finding this out at 63. Thank you so very much Pat Heydlauff. I can't wait for your next book." - Pamela B., 5 Star Amazon Review


Can you imagine a life where things go right ninety percent of the time, with less stress, more productivity and greater prosperity? All you need to begin is desire, determination and an easy to follow plan. Many people see Feng Shui as mysterious, religious-like, somewhat confusing?and very complicated. As described in my book, however, Feng Shui is easy to learn and simple to use. There's nothing complicated. And the reward is, in many ways, a new life.


Feng Shui, So Easy A Child Can Do It is aimed at ending the confusion, and showing the reader just how easy Feng Shui is to learn and to apply. There are step-by-step, actionable guidelines that help eliminate stress at home and in the workplace, improve relationships, generate success and abundance, energize the home and the personal environment, and enable readers to live the peace-filled, abundant lives to which they're all entitled. It is a simple, easy-to-apply Americanized method of using Feng Shui as a guide to the use of color, design and organization principles to remove clutter and disorder, while enhancing personal growth, improved relationships, prosperity, and joy leading to transformed lives.


These principles also help business leaders streamline and transform their companies, resulting in employee satisfaction, client retention and bottom line profitability. The result? Increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in a less stressful workplace environment. It is a road map to changes that lead to personal and business success and abundance.


Based on fifteen years of walking my talk as a Feng Shui expert, business consultant and spiritual artist, I take the reader to the very heart of the principles of what Feng Shui is... and isn't. Included are simple plans to help you make way for positive energy success. This book offers real solutions that can be put to use immediately, even on a limited budget.

Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It - Autographed

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