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Pat is the Founder of the Groundbreaking “Flow of Focus” System for Leadership & Efficiency, and is a Workforce & Productivity Expert. In addition to business coaching and real estate coaching, Pat is also a published author and keynote speaker, Feng Shui expert, and personal and spiritual consultant. Through personal and small business consulting, workshops, and trainings, Pat enables clients and organizations to envision the future they want.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Gain a Competitive Edge & Maximize Profitability

Using a Feng Sui consultation is empowering for the realtor whether applied to their own office or applied to the property they wish to sell. In the office Feng Shui creates selling energy and in the client’s home it creates buyer appeal.

Learn to apply the tried and true Feng Shui principles to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your workplace environment and the homes you want to sell.

Fen Shui Real Estate Consulting

A Feng Shui Real Estate Consultation can have more than one objective:

  • It will show you how to immediately motivate yourself in a difficult market while increasing your productivity and bottom-line profits, or how to stay focused in a busy market. You will be given techniques about how to reduce stress, eliminate frustration, improve productivity, and achieve personal and business goals through actionable results-oriented strategies.

  • You can also receive actionable advice to provide your clients on how to give their property “buyer appeal” and make their homes easier to sell – or how to use Feng Shui principles on a “hard to sell” property.


The realtor will be benefited immediately by the motivating, life-changing, client-tested techniques Pat shares with them!

What to Expect From Feng Shui Real Estate Consulting Services


Pat’s actionable solutions provide hope and results for realtors. Learn how to:

  • Eliminate energy-drainers

  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive energy

  • Stay focused and motivated

  • Be more productive, efficient and effective

  • Advise sellers on the best way to prepare their home to be more sellable by increasing “buyer appeal” that attracts potential buyers so that it not only looks good, but feels good to prospects.

  • Give the outside of a home and its entrance a feeling that compels prospects to enter


Note: It usually takes a one hour consultation to review a house or condo of 2500 square feet or less or Feng Shui a realtor’s office. You can combine consultations working on both your office and your client’s property. You will also need to email us following at least 72 hours prior to your appointment:

  • A detailed floor plan of your office (include the location of your desk) or the home you are trying to sell including doors, windows, appliances, bathrooms and the locations of the bed in each bedroom

  • The compass direction your office or the home faces. When standing inside your front door looking out what direction are you facing?

  • A list of three to five life issues you are working on such as productivity, motivation, relationships, income, etc.

These items can be email to Once your consultation has been booked, we will contact you to schedule your appointment date and time!


We look forward to working with you! 

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