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Creativity is the Answer

Are you the creative type? Do you or would you like to be an artist, create moving poetry, write a book, sculpt a magnificent statue or create music that speaks to your soul? Or, are you so busy working or doing “stuff” you don’t have time to think about creativity and what role it might play in your life?

Creativity, inspiration and imagination are all right brain activities that connect the physical to the emotional side of the mind and the result could be a beautiful artwork, poetry or song. Creativity however, isn’t just something you do to make your surroundings prettier or your life more enjoyable – it also nurtures an overly stressed, discouraged or overly fatigued physical body back to health and helps mend a broken spirit.

Do You have a Creativity Imbalance

When things aren’t going well in your world – or things never go quite right – one of the first places to look for imbalance is in the creativity side of your life. All too often we spend too much of our time in the left brain logical side – a fast-pace lifestyle, high stress surroundings, starring at computer screens, listening to faceless impersonal pre-recorded phone messages or mechanically listening to or watching unresponsive electronic equipment – all of which are filled with negative indifferent energy and serve to unbalance the energy flow in your life.

Good personal energy that leads to success, good health and abundance comes from balance in your life. Balance in the things you do such as:

  1. Functional – going to work, caring for your family

  2. Chosen – organizations you belong to, physical fitness options

  3. Creative – method(s) of personal expression used for inspiration.

These three categories provide you guidelines to determine how you spend your time and whether creativity is a huge missing link in the flow of your energy. If you spend approximately 60% of your time in the Functional category and 20% in each of the other two categories you should be reasonably balanced.

Energize Your Creativity

Just in case, you find your life a touch out of balance or things not going quite right, creativity is going to be one of your answers. Apply some of the following Feng Shui principles to your life to energize that much needed creativity area of your life.

  1. Make a special space in your home just for doing creative things. Creativity is an active not passive process and requires space. By dedicating space – even if it is only a small table in the corner – you will be much more likely to participate in doing what inspires you, engages your imagination and uplifts your spirit.

  2. Chose a way to bring creativity into your life. While there are many forms of creativity such as writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journaling for pleasure – painting either fine art or craft projects – sculpting with clay or play dough – producing original music, playing it or dancing to it – knitting or crocheting with yarn and designing with fibers – there are other equally energizing, uplifting and inspiring things you can do. Try inventing a better mouse (computer style) or mouse trap, design and make your next dress, design a great puzzle or use your camera to create a beautiful sunrise picture that will provide you great energy.

  3. Surround yourself with colors and things to inspire your imagination. If space permits, paint the walls in your creative area white – think of a blank canvas or blank piece of paper. If your space is small – unclutter everything in that area and maintain a totally clean tabletop – this area will become your blank canvas. When you enter this space empty your mind so the creative energy can flow. Always keep the tools you need for your creativity in this one space – it will release control by the left brain side so your creative side can take over.

  4. Play inspirational music while in your creativity space. If you reserve certain pieces of music to play while in that space – no matter how large or small – your mind will automatically respond to the music and help you let go of the left brain side of the world where you spend most of your time.

Creativity is a reviving, revitalizing and refreshing way to bring balance back into your life. Because we live in such an impersonal high tech fast-paced world, little or no time and attention are given to nurturing our inspiration and imagination. Once nurtured, your life will be more balanced so you can perform better on the functional side of life and in your chosen activities.

The more routine and functional your life is, the more responsibilities your have, the more commitments you make, the more you need balance.

Creativity is the answer to developing a more enjoyable abundant life filled with less stress and chaos. Creativity is the answer to removing some of the stress in your life. Creativity is the answer to staying connected with the inner you. Creativity is the answer to a more balanced you.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved 2008 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Pat Heydlauff, President of Energy-by-Design ( and Feng Shui expert, is a consultant, speaker, columnist and award-winning artist. She has been consulting with individuals, families, and companies since the early 1990’s, with clients ranging from California to Florida. In addition, she speaks at corporate and organizational functions, and gives seminars to enhance productivity. Pat Heydlauff can be reached at (561) 799-3443 or visit:

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