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Embarking on the Path of Inner Wisdom: A Journey Within

a line silhouette of a face with multi-colored patterns and lines swirling in the brain area implying spiritual wisdom

In our search for spiritual growth and enlightenment, one universal principle emerges time and again: wisdom. After studying many cultures, indigenous tribes, native Americans, aboriginals, ancient Egyptians, eastern philosophies, and western religions, I saw that wisdom, particularly inner wisdom, was a foundational principle to all.

Wisdom is often described as the quality of having not only knowledge, but also the good judgment for using that knowledge appropriately. For our purposes, I further qualify WISDOM as having knowledge and judgment AND using it to improve self and others without harm to anyone. Here’s an acronym that shows the importance of wisdom: 

An acronym showing what each letter of wisdom stands for. W – Wisdom is universal truth. I – Information consistent through eternity. S – Source of it is the universe. D – Defines all action. O – Other source is within. M – Make time to learn and absorb before taking action.

Unveiling Inner Wisdom

Seeking wisdom is an important first step on our spiritual journey. Wisdom can arrive in many forms. However, when we seek wisdom we must look inward, not to the outside world and others. Yes, we can glean wisdom from others, especially older generations filled with years of personal experiences, prayer, meditation, and culturally handed-down messages through the millennia of generations. But choose wisely. There can also be a lot of misinformation built into that wisdom. That is why we need to place great importance upon our own personal journey—the journey within that leads us to all the universal principles, enlightenment, and the ultimate place of peace filled with love and light.

Realize, too, that just because some things have been practiced in our culture, society, or religion for thousands of years doesn’t mean they were built upon the principle of WISDOM. Some practices were used to control populations, create fear or chaos, and make people think they are victims. They wanted the masses to depend on those “in control” in order to keep humanity disconnected and divided from each other. Their goal was to force a combination of fear and chaos. That is not wisdom.

In order to find true inner wisdom, we need to quiet the noise in our lives and our mind. It’s essential that we quiet the noise from everywhere and everything, including those who are not looking out for our or humanity’s best interests. Be sure to include electronic devices and social media where there is no guarantee of truth.


A coffee cup and snack on a table. Next to it is a mindmap drawing implying someone prioritizing items in their life.

Tips to Harness Your Inner Wisdom

Often, it is the small things in life that distract you from finding wisdom. We find this occurring at home as well as at work. For example, in the workplace, you may be working on a major project with a completion deadline of 24 hours. Even with a closed door, associates knock and automatically enter, insisting their question or problem is more urgent than what you are doing. Or, your phone constantly rings or chirps with text notifications interrupting your focus and concentration.

The same happens at home. Perhaps you are running a specific errand to help your child finish a project for school when the phone rings. You answer it and are greeted by your friend who claims to urgently need your help doing a laundry list of errands, expecting you to make yourself available. You become so involved with her needs that you overlook the original reason for your errand until you get home.

Whether at work or at home, you need to define your priorities and not let other things get in the way, especially electronic technology. When the urgent(s) become the important(s), you accomplish less and have less energy. Always do the important things first, not the urgent! Here are some suggestions to help you shift your focus to true wisdom:


  • Create wellness in your life; it is natural to be well.

  • Envision your regenerated life filled with wisdom and enlightenment happening; detach from all else.

  • Stop over-thinking and second guessing; it leads to the wrong direction; it leads to a hamster-like wheel of life.

  • Dump the mental negative loop of thoughts that constantly bombard you; eliminate negative thinking.

  • Live in the NOW; your life video is of the past, not the present, and the future is not guaranteed.

  • Meditate, watch a candle flicker, move to a space of quiet peace; give up the reins; find a place of ease, not dis-ease.

  • Strive to be who you are, not perfection.

  • Live your own story, not someone else’s; be the someone you were meant to be.

  • Align without and within for true balance and harmony; there is no toxicity.

  • Remove negative thoughts; focus on peace and calm, which is joy.

  • Honor your Source, Creator, God and be grateful; show gratitude at all times, this creates a fruitful gratitude attitude.

  • Acknowledge that there are parts of you that you like and love; those are the parts you want to keep. Eliminate the parts you want to get rid of.


Wisdom: The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

This journey towards wisdom is not without its challenges. It requires us to confront our fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs, inviting us to embrace inner transformation. But ultimately, as we surrender to the wisdom within, we transcend the limitations of the egoic mind and tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe. By honoring our inner wisdom and embracing the divine flow of life, we step into our power as co-creators of our reality.



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