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Embrace Your Transformation: Journey from Humanity to Spirituality

From left to right: An origmani swan on a table, an origami bird starting to fly, a paper airplane soaring.

In a world constantly shifting and evolving, our primary task is to master self-control and embark on journey of transformation, from the base level of humanity to a higher spiritual existence. This path requires us to be fully present and live in the moment, cultivating love in its purest form. Dwelling on the past breeds regret, while fixating on the future wastes our present opportunities. Instead, strive to be the epitome of fulfilled love, manifesting perfect clients, projects, income, and relationships that align with your true desires.


Choose Living Over Existing

Living with intention means choosing to experience great joy, peace, and understanding. Many are unaware of the deep hunger within them, an emptiness yearning for something more. This something is TRUTH, the essence of Creating Heaven on Earth. Your destiny lies in the present, not in the future. By taking control of your emotional feelings, you enhance your productivity and let go of past attachments and perceived necessities. The fact is that your future, illuminated by light, is not tied to the darkness of the past.


Embrace Your Divine Connection

Recognize that God is I AM, a state of being 100% connected to the divine at all times. Consciousness is the realization of I AM. Setting your intent each night before sleep is crucial for reclaiming self-control and shaping your desired tomorrow. Intent coupled with action is where transformation begins. In times of turbulence and upheaval, fear and grief may seem overwhelming, but your purpose is to counter these with hope and joy, driving out chaos and fear.


Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey

As spiritual beings experiencing human life, we must cultivate good habits that lead to abundance, reduced stress, and success. The ancient wisdom and Divine Way principles I talk about in my books offer a roadmap for your journey toward complete transformation and a return to your spiritual roots. The universe, a thought created by all that is, thrives on order and harmony. Creating Heaven on Earth is a universal desire, transcending race, nationality, and religion. This singular goal unites humanity in our connection with the Divine.


Embrace the Flow of the Universe

Life is about maintaining an unending connection and flow between the universe and ourselves. For example, to attract financial rewards, focus on words like abundance, prosperity, joy, and wealth. Always prioritize the present moment over past regrets or future anxieties. Success lies in fully engaging with the now, which opens doors to boundless opportunities.


Cultivating Compassion and Connection through Transformation

Our world suffers from a lack of compassion, concern, and connection. Society's breakdown has led to a lack of accountability, with few believing in a divine order. Yet, the universe is inherently orderly. Chaos cannot sustain itself in the cosmos or within us. Self-control and inner reflection reduce chaotic cycles, fostering hope, peace, joy, love, and light.


In essence, your journey is about embracing your transformation, connecting deeply with the divine, and living in the moment. By doing so, you not only find personal fulfillment but also contribute to creating a harmonious and compassionate world.



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