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Health, longevity and you

The ancient Chinese who practiced Feng Shui approximately 4000 years ago believed that they could “change their destiny and the destiny of their children for seven generations” through the appropriate use of Feng Shui. The practice of using positive energy was an integral part of their everyday lives. It was neither a religion nor a law of the land for them; it was simply their lifestyle. It was their way of living and thinking. They lived their lives focusing positive energy on all the decisions they made, the food they ate and the direction the front door of their houses faced. Second only to wealth and prosperity, health and longevity was their energy priority.

It seems like health and longevity is also a priority today but rarely is thought given to something as simple as focusing positive energy on good health to make it even better. Yes, many people go to the gym, jog, walk, swim, do yoga and even watch what they eat; but to focus positive energy onto good health and longevity requires energizing your surrounding and your thinking along with exercise and nutrition so that everything is uniformly in agreement. The body likes to have harmony within and without in order to perform well and live life to its fullest.

A lot is written about the merits of exercise and nutrition but little is written about creating a positive energy atmosphere in your surroundings and in your mind to maximize your health and longevity. Based on the principles of Feng Shui there are a few basic steps you can take to positively energize health and longevity in your surroundings and thinking.

The place to always begin is to simplify and unclutter your world. The more “stuff” and clutter you have around the more you have to care for, dust, read, organize or eliminate. When you have less clutter surrounding you it is much easier to focus energy on taking better care of yourself and engaging in positive thinking. Always begin your uncluttering process in your bedroom. The bedroom needs to have energy freely meander throughout allowing your body to enjoy complete rest when sleeping. Nothing should be stored under your bed so that the positive energy can also circulate your body while resting. Use peaceful soft colors on the walls in your bedroom as they are more restful. Carry that color on through to the bathroom if it is visible from the bedroom. Bright energetic colors are not conducive to good rest. Light earth tones, skin tones and pastel ocean colors work best.

Use the uncluttering process throughout your house doing the kitchen second, then your living room or family room and eventually the remainder of your home. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and treat it much like the bedroom. Positive energy must meander through and linger in the kitchen because that is where you nourish yourself and others. Keep the cupboards organized and useable at a moments notice. Make sure your pantry is filled with fresh nutritious food and be sure to place new purchases behind existing products to maintain freshness. Always have a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen table or countertop as it symbolizes good health and prosperity, both of which lead to longevity.

Finally, fresh live plants and flowers placed especially in the east area of your bedroom and family room or living room adds that extra spark of positive living energy further emphasizing your desire for good health and longevity. If you do not want live plants and flowers or cannot take care of them invest in a few really abundant silk plants and flowers for those areas of your home. Plants represent growth, regeneration and uplifting health in Feng Shui design.

It isn’t expensive and does not take a lot of effort to focus more positive energy in your world onto health and longevity. Simply unclutter your world, design your bedroom for regenerating rest, always have fresh fruit in your kitchen for viewing and eating plus add some living plants to your life. These basic steps help energize that which is most important to all of us, our health.


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Pat Heydlauff is a Feng Shui consultant, public speaker, columnist and artist. She has been a Feng Shui specialist consulting with families and businesses since the early 90’s with clients ranging from California and the Midwest to Florida. Her unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous Feng Shui presentations along with stunning art work based on the science of energy by design. For Feng Shui consultations, speaking engagements and energy design work in the home or office call Pat now at 561 799-3443 or visit:

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