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Is Your Life Out of Control…Use Energy by Design

Do you feel like you are in a constant race with the clock – and the clock is always winning? Do you feel like your home – which should be your sanctuary from the outside world – is filled with so much chaos and clutter that you don’t know where to begin? Does the same apply to your office? Do you feel you are running faster and faster – only to find you are falling further behind?

Are you really in control of your life or are you stuck on a non-stop roller coaster and you’re just along for the ride. If you are calm, clear headed and in control all of the time, this article is probably not for you. However, if you are almost frantic tying to keep pace with the demands of everyday life where everything and everyone else in-control – this article is for you.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed is not a state of mind but rather a reality many people live with day in and day out. It is the reality of life controlling you, not you controlling your life.

In a world where you are bombarded with more than 4000 messages daily via e-mail, snail mail, telephone, internet, television, newspapers, magazines, advertisements and everyday conversations, it is easy to be distracted. In this multi-wired, multi-tasking world today, a person, a parent, the bread winner, an after school chauffer or a volunteer, it is impossible to find time for you.

Energy-by-Design Solutions

Creating energy by design is the application of Feng Shui principles to your surroundings, activities and thoughts. You can take control of your life by realizing you control the positive and negative energy that surrounds you.

Everything in your world has energy and it affects you either positively or negatively. For example, a home or office filled with clutter is also filled with stagnant negative energy that can be distracting, discouraging and depressing. Or, the colors painted on the walls in your home can be too bright, too dark or simply wrong for you energetically and create the feelings of anger, anxiety and aggravation.

Start taking control of your life by making an Energy by Design list. Use a yellow tablet and list all of the things that provide you negative energy and make you feel out of control, distracted or anxious. List everything – include clutter, activities, events, people, thoughts and things in your home and workplace. Once you have your list complete, rank them in order of importance, making the worst one No. 1 on your list. Simply by acknowledging that there are many things in your life contributing to you feeling out of control will start to shift the energy from negative to positive.

Next, focus on the first three items on your list. Evaluate each one and determine if you can actually change something about each one to make it provide you positive energy instead of negative energy.

If long distance driving to work or running children constantly to school activities is a problem, consider carpooling to your workplace or having your children share rides with other parents to their activities. If certain rooms in your home are depressing change the colors of the walls to lighter more pastel colors, make sure the furniture is comfortable and the pictures hanging on the walls are of joy filled scenes, things and events.

You may find one of the first three items on your list cannot be changed. Acknowledge it and move on. By evaluating and acknowledging the item, you are in-control.

Finally, take action. You can start changing your life today by taking action. Once you have taken care of one of the first three items on your list, move on to the next one. By working on one item at a time you will see progress, you will be removing stagnant negative energy and will be enjoying the benefits of the new positive energy entering your life in the form of being in-control of your life.

The results are a calmer, more focused more productive you.

You take control of your life by controlling the positive and negative energy that surrounds you. By doing so you relieve stress and anxiety, bring balance into your life and create a peaceful harmonious environment in your home, your workplace and yourself – and you will be back in-control of your life. That’s the use of energy by design.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved 2009 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Pat Heydlauff, President of Energy-by-Design ( and Feng Shui expert, is a consultant, speaker, columnist and award-winning artist. She has been consulting with individuals, families, and companies since the early 1990’s, with clients ranging from California to Florida. In addition, she speaks at corporate and organizational functions, and gives seminars to enhance productivity. Pat Heydlauff can be reached at (561) 799-3443 or visit:

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