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Looking for Hope and Peace Instead of Chaos and Stress?

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, we get so busy doing and going, we really forget that we need to take time to live. And the busier we are and the more we go and do, the more chaotic and stress-filled our lives become. Is that you? Is that me? In many ways it is all of us in our new fast-paced 21st Century world.

In order to eliminate some of your stress and chaos it is important to take a breather and reflect upon your activities and the way you spend a day. Do you spend it entirely doing for and giving time and energy to others? As you go down your checklist of activities including work, caretaking and elderly or ill member of the family, children or spouse, note how little time you devote to taking care of you. How can you possible do all those things and not have a chaotic stressful day if you do not do the same for you? Balance, well-being and personal empowerment suffer when you do not find ways to care for yourself.

Each of us only has so many hours to spend on planet earth – make them count so you don’t get the end and realize you wish you would have _____. Spend a little time each day in prayer, meditation or reflection and you will find peace and calm, even when the road is bumpy. I’d like to hear from you – how do you unclutter your life, your thinking and activities to create a better tomorrow?

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