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Peace, Harmony and Tranquility are Gift Market Trends

 Harmony, personality and practicality seem to be the underlying trends at the January 2016 Atlanta Gift Market where Pantone introduced their colors of the year: rose quartz and serenity blue (a light periwinkle). Think soft soft soft pastel shades of these two peaceful colors. They refer to these colors as cool and tranquil, transporting the homeowner into a sunnier more tranquil space.

What great news for anyone who wants to bring some calm, peace and harmony into their lives. According to Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman, the whole idea behind this year’s colors of the year is for the colors to transport wearers and viewers to more tranquil, mindful environs, disconnect from technology and offer a sense of calm and relaxation.

Pantone’s Colors of the Year create great Feng Shui Energy

In many ways, these colors are a Feng Shui lover’s “dream come true” because they set the background to do just that. Rose quartz and serenity blue help create:

  1. calm where there is chaos

  2. harmony where there is discord

  3. peace where there is anxiety and fear

These colors were everywhere at the gift market; on walls, furniture and even clothing. Where you did not find them was in décor accents, gifts, jewelry and accessories. That’s where the colors popped into brighter shades and bling.

If you follow this link Atlanta Gift Show 2016 you will see room vignettes, even clothing and florals featuring the 2016 Pantone colors and design trends unveiled at the Atlanta Gift Marketplace. While rose quartz is very apparent, serenity blue is everywhere and often being used as a soft background neutral. There were very little bright colors here – neutrals and cool calming colors dominated.

One of the best decorating philosophies I subscribe to is to treat:

  1. walls, carpeting and large pieces of furniture like underwear – they should be neutral and not noticed

  2. smaller pieces of furniture, rugs and throws like street clothing – they should show some personality but not be the focal point of the room

  3. accents and artwork like jewelry – this is what makes a statement, it’s the bling in the room, This is where you place the bright colors, the bling and the things you want to stand out – it is what creates the personality of your home.

By using calming colors on the floors and walls in your home you set the foundation for peace and harmony in your home and your life.

The Elmira Stove Works company so embraces the new colors of the year that they have produced new appliances for 2016 in Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue; a refrigerator, range and microwave. To read more about how Pantone selects their colors click here.

However, not everyone agrees. For example, Benjamin Moore selected simply white as their color of the year; a color without color. Five of their top-selling products are white, but that does not mean that their color of the year occupies the same special place in home décor as do Pantone’s colors of the year. White, unless slightly tinted, can be a very harsh and hard-edged color that does not necessarily lend itself to peace and tranquility, something everyone seems to be searching for today.

Watch for Other Trends in 2016

Clothing colors at the Atlanta Gift Show are showing up as neutral. Almost any shade of neutral (see photo album). Neutrals are trending to “one size fits all” which translates into flattering only a select few. The neutrals and solid colors are the foundation and the splash of color, personality or character is in the accessories, which include anything from jewelry, scarves and shawls to headbands, purses, socks and stacked bracelets. Bling is still here whether trendy and timeless or baubles and heavy metals. Crystals are often co-mingled with high-end timeless pieces and lightweight huge ball pearls are made from silk. Others are mixing semi-precious minerals and synthetic cabochons with freshwater pearls.

Hold onto your hats – no pun intended. Hats are coming back bigger, bolder and better than before, along with accessories like scarves, headbands and even hair bows. Some are plain and old-fashioned and other are filled with glitter and glitz. This is definitely the year to consider changing your hairstyle and test out some fun-in-the-sun hats, sunglasses and scarves. All of these personal trends will help get you out of a rut and open yourself up to receiving new energy, which of course leads to more prosperity.

Creativity is showing up in areas such as “guy things” which include fun accessories designed with men in mind. Examples would include anything from old-fashioned can/bottle openers in the shape of fish to pens and electronic gear featuring their home state or college. Coloring books are the new phenomenon for everyone in the creativity gift category. It is the ultimate low-tech gift and form of creativity to help offset the over-scheduled, chaotic high-tech world. It is thought to be the hottest product to reduce stress for all ages and sexes, especially for adults.

Christmas trends at the Atlanta Gift Marketplace were either deeper shades of red, wood or earth tones or pastels featuring the latest color Pantone trends. Traditional red Santas were nowhere to be found and neither were the traditional reds and greens usually found during the holiday season. Everything was either softened with the reds being more earth-toned or they went to the unusual such as stunning aqua and silver ornaments with bling, gold fleur de leis with dusty burgundy or lavender grapes or dusty aqua ornaments or deep burgundy magnolia flowers with rose quartz ornaments. Cotton balls were made into many shapes, snowy owls and fluffy snowmen along with metal evergreen trees and natural old world Santas rounded out the scene for this year. One or two of these pieces properly placed among your existing decorations would provide you a fresh updated look even on a limited budget.

The ultimate reason for understanding the trends is to determine how they will affect you and whether it is time for a change in your life. If you want an update, a facelift or a major remodel, this is a great year to do so because everything is focused on eliminating chaos, creating calm and setting to right tone to bring more harmony and prosperity into your life.

© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved 2016 Pat Heydlauff, a “flow of focus” expert, speaker and consultant designs home and workplace environments that unleash the flow of focus and maximize performance while creating balance and increasing prosperity. She is author of the forthcoming book, Beyond Engagement: Seven Ways Leaders Fuel Tomorrow’s Sustainability and published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge. Contact her at 561-408-270

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