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Silent Heroes Might Be Best Friends

Silent Heroes

Lately I’ve be a bit reflective – with my thoughts turning toward people I admire and respect. We all have many quiet unsung heroes in our lives but sometimes it takes a horrific event like the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon  to remind us that we are surrounded by silent heroes all the time. Heroes that have endured something life threatening, went into harms way to help others or stood tall in the face of their enemy. For example it takes a huge level of courage to hear the words “you have breast cancer” face a double mastectomy and go through the pain, the losing of your hair and fear – and come out the other side whole, strong and looking forward. My friend Pam just did that and joins two other dear friends Marcelle and Michele who have also faced the same anguish in the past and determined to regain control of their lives. Pam just came through her surgery in late February and two months later participated in a “Relay for Life” event. Pam said, “It was quite a deal. They called all the Survivor’s names one by one and gave each a neck ribbon medal and we then walked the first lap around the track (the Victory Lap), cheered on by the crowd and kids handed us ribbons and cards they made. It was really special.” These are my heroes. Anyone who faces the jaws of tragedy and not only overcomes it but touches other hearts along the way.

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