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Springtime energy is uplifting

While many parts of our country are still digging out of their winter doldrums others are already thinking spring. Spring is a wonderfully glorious time of the year when nature gives new meaning to life and everything bursts forth into the rebirthing process of buds turning into leaves and flowers, brown grass becoming green and the air smells renewed and fresh. It is truly the dawn of a new era, a new planting season, a new growth season and a lease on life.

With thoughts of spring also comes the age old process of “spring cleaning”. Just as Mother Nature regularly cleans planet earth through wind, rain, storms, snow and hurricanes etc.; so must we. To maximize the wonderful uplifting energy springtime provides each and every one of us, we must follow Mother Natures example and rid ourselves of the old energy “stuff” we’ve been holding onto, perhaps for many many years and do a thorough spring cleaning of our homes, offices and surroundings.

Part of the process means getting rid of all the things that have accumulated during the winter. If you are like so many, most of our stuff does not accumulate over just one winter or one year but over years of collecting and storing and shopping and buying. If you continually buy murder mysteries and fervently read them but never get rid of them, they become stacks and stack of stagnant energy stuff. If you have stacks of old records (you know, those large black disc like things that music was recorded on last century) and you never listen to them, they have become a stack of stagnant energy. If you have stacks of stuff you keep adding to every year while promising yourself that this time you will take them to your favorite charity but never do, they also become stacks of stagnant energy.

Depending on where you keep your stacks of de-energized stuff, you may be preventing positive new health, wealth or relationships energy from entering your life. You can also become confused, lethargic and unmotivated. Is that what you really want for your life and that of the family members living with you? If your wealth area is filled with clutter and stuff, you may wonder why your income hasn’t increased within the last five years; or why you seem to have less money to spend; or why it seems to just slip right through your fingers. If the relationships area of your office is filled with stagnant energy you may wonder why you cannot seem to get new clients or you have fewer and fewer business associates that send you new business.

Springtime is the best time of year to take a really good look at your surroundings and get rid of anything that does not provide you vital fresh energy. Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom and under the bed so you can sleep peacefully. Remove stacks of paperwork from your office files that are no longer relevant or more than ten years old. And, just how many pictures of glorious sunsets do you need. What would be more important is one great picture of a sunrise which symbolizes the beginning of a day, the dawning of something new similar to the uplifting energy of the beginning of spring.

Mother Nature gave us the seasons of the year to provide us ample time to do appropriate work and thinking during those times. During the winter months, one takes time to read, to write, to visit friends, to reflect and enjoy more indoor time. But when spring arrives it is time to sew the seeds of new thinking, cleaning out and preparing the way for new ideas and that wonderfully refreshing new energy. Energy you can really become invigorated with if you get rid of the old as the new arrives.

The best way to get rid of your stuff is to decide that you are going to do it and then take action. Create one list, just one where you write down everything that you are going to get rid of. Then, besides each item write how you are going to get rid of the “stuff” and the date you are going to accomplish this by. Do not procrastinate even one moment. Once you’ve decided that you are going to get rid of something, get up from your favorite chair and do it. For example, on Monday clean out all of the old clothes and shoes that have collected in your closet and then on Tuesday get rid of it. On Wednesday, tackle all of the things in stacks on the floor in the family room. Throw away what is of no value, put away what you will keep and get rid of the rest. It really is not that hard. You just need to “do it”.

Allow springtime to do its magic by letting the longer, more cheerful, warmer days of spring encourage you to get motivated and get rid of all of that stuff creating such stagnant energy in your surroundings. You will feel so much better about yourself and you definitely will feel refreshed. Removing all of that collected stagnant stuff from your life will be uplifting and provide you a glow that will take you right into the wonderful days of summer ahead.


© Pat Heydlauff, All Rights Reserved

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, uses Feng Shui design principles to eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. More than a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a consultant and speaker who helps remove clutter and negativity while encouraging personal growth, improved relationships and prosperity. Her new book, “Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It,” shows how to achieve a better tomorrow. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork,  call: 561-408-2708.

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