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Use positive energy to “make today count”

Have you ever wondered just how to go about “making today count”? Is there a definition; just what exactly does it mean, “making today count”? Does it mean getting everything done on your “to do list”? Does it mean taking special care of you, one of your family members or a friend? Does it mean doing something philanthropic, being a friend to a child in need or doing volunteer work?

“Making today count” probably has as many meanings as there are people on planet earth but when it comes to Feng Shui it has a much narrower definition; “there is a reason and a season for every person”. “Making today count” simply means spending at least a few minutes of personal time regularly reflecting on “who you are and just why you are here on planet earth at this very specific time in history”. I know that is a rather vast thought but it is also an important thought. Do you know why you are here besides being a wonderful spouse, Mother, Father, sister, brother, cousin, friend, employee or employer? Each of these is certainly a noble and much desired goal.

Many of us grew up thinking that our main reason for living on earth was to grow up to be a responsible citizen in our community, raise a family to the best of our ability, be self sustaining by earning an appropriate income for our skill level, attend the church or our choice and then retire. But, is that all there is? When you are younger and raising a family you have little time to give thought to what life is all about and why you are here. Once the children get older and leave home many of your responsibilities change and are no longer needed. Then what? Do you spend your time running from one social group to another, out on the tennis courts or the golf course, shopping, reading, watching videos or living vicariously through your grandchildren and social events?

Is that really all there is to life? According to Feng Shui principles, there is a specific purpose (a reason and a season) for each and every one of our lives not just that of being a son, daughter, Mother, Father, grandparent or a good employee. It is not by accident that we are here in this new millennium era. There is much change going on in the world around us and it is important that we shift our energy right along with the changes plus determine what role we are to play in the new energy that is evolving.

One of the easiest ways to determine what role you will play on this ever evolving stage setting called planet earth is to determine that you will “make today count”. In other words, do not fall into the usual routine you have established for yourself and do not let others influence you but rather do something entirely different for the day. Instead of watching a movie, going to another meeting or playing golf, take a sculpture class or an art class – perhaps you are meant to be the next Michael Angelo or Monet bringing beauty to the eyes of the beholder. Try journaling daily and allow your mind to go completely still so your inner most thoughts are allowed to bubble up to the surface. You will be amazed at what great knowledge is hiding within just waiting to be released from your self made prisons created over decades of listening to others tell you who you are and what you can or cannot accomplish. You might have a great book within just waiting to be published – perhaps a self help book that will make life easier for others. The world is in great need of positive energy leaders, politicians, scientists, physicians and spiritual guides.

There is no magic formula here; just the realization that there must be more to life than what is visible on the surface plus the determination that you are going to do your best to find your reason for your season on planet earth. The first and foremost reason for each of us is to find a way to create a touch of heaven or peace on earth and in our lives on a daily basis. The way to do that is to bring balance into your surroundings, your values and your thoughts through the use of the many Feng Shui guidelines I write about weekly.

Next, create a little sanctuary just for you in a quiet spot in your home. Have only a pencil and paper handy so you can jot down notes while using your sanctuary. Be sure to be absolutely still and quiet for at least 15 minutes while sitting in your sanctuary and use it at least twice a week making sure everything is very quiet so you can hear yourself think and your subconscious mind communicate with you. Write down only thoughts that are new, refreshing and filled with positive energy that you should act on. Then do it. Those very thoughts will lead you to making every day count. Be sure to remind family members that while you are in your sanctuary you are not to be disturbed and do not let the telephone, television or doorbell distract you. You need absolute silence.

Making today count not only means doing the best you can at what ever you try but also determining what your personal reason is for being here. Once you have discovered who you are and why you are here your ultimate reward will be complete peace and a life filled with joy.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved

Pat Heydlauff is a Feng Shui consultant, artist, public speaker and columnist. She has been a Feng Shui specialist consulting with families and businesses since the early 90’s with clients ranging from California and the Midwest to Florida. Her unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous Feng Shui presentations along with stunning art work based on the science of energy by design. For Feng Shui consultations, speaking engagements and energy design work in the home, visit: or call: 561-408-2708.

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