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Want Better Relationships, use Feng Shui

Everyone at various times in their lives would like to have or improve their relationships with family members, significant others, spouses and co-workers but find it difficult if not impossible to do. Relationships, whether personal or professional are all about energy; the energy you give to them or take from them and the energy they either take from you or give to you.

What kind of “relationship’s energy” are you in need of today, tomorrow and how do you shift the negative energy if the relationship is not what you want or is in your best interest? By the way, there is a major difference between a relationship you want and one that is in your best interest. Some relationships should not be maintained if they are harmful to you and/or are significant energy drainers.

The ideal relationship is a balanced one where each person equally gives energy to the other while receiving or taking energy. If a person’s life is not balanced then relationship energy will also be out of balance. They may be very needy and always taking your energy, always pushing themselves on you or trying to control you. Both are forms of needy energy just at the opposite sides of the equation.

So, just how do you go about shifting energy in a relationship? The first step is to recognize that there are two different types of energy relationships. One is an interactive energy relationship such as between you and a friend, a family member or you and a coworker. The other type of relationship is what is called “helpful people” or “father” energy. Generally these aren’t truly relationships as we commonly think of them. These are supportive energy relationships. An example would be a family referring a potential new client to their realtor because their realtor was really helpful to them even though the only connection they have to that realtor is a one time business transaction. Or, a person coming to your rescue when you are really in need of some unusual help just because they understand you really need help. They may or may not even be a friend.

To improve or create positive energy with an interactive relationship whether it is personal or of a business nature, you begin in the southwest area of the family room or living room of your home. Make sure there is no clutter in that area creating stagnant energy instead of positive relationship energy. Once that area is cleared, place something into that area that clearly represents the type of relationship you would like to have with a particular person. If you would like the relationship to blossom, place a bouquet of flowers there (earth tone colors work best in a glass or ceramic vase). If you wish the relationship to move to the next level of commitment (casual dating to a serious equal relationship) place two flowers of equal size and equal value in that same area or a picture of a couple celebrating years of togetherness.

You can do the same in the southwest corner or your workplace with co-workers but use an appropriate symbol for energizing such as a picture of the Tour de France bicycling team. They represent the ultimate in co-workers supporting each other. Be sure to unclutter your workplace as well or you will be negatively energizing working relationships with co-workers.

In order to stimulate and energize “helpful people” positive energy you need to look to the northwest corner of your family room or workplace. Again, remove any clutter first. One of the easiest ways to energize this area is to make a collage of pictures of those who have been of great and unexpected help to you either recently or in the past. Frame the pictures in silver as that is the energy element that represents the northwest. Use only four or five pictures and be very selective (yes you can use a parent if they were unusually helpful to you). If you cannot recall such a person or do not have any pictures, something in silver like a trophy or a round vase will work.

Life is all about relationships. No matter where you are or what you are doing a relationship is involved; when you buy groceries you interact with a checkout person, when you go to the doctor you interact with several people, when you go to a restaurant you also have some type of relationship with the waiter even if it is only for one hour. Whether short term or long term, shift all relationship energy to positive, supportive or helpful relationship energy. You will be amazed at how much more pleasant you life will be.

Download “Want Better Relationships, use Feng Shui” in PDF Format.


© Pat Heydlauff, All Rights Reserved

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, uses Feng Shui design principles to eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. More than a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a consultant and speaker who helps remove clutter and negativity while encouraging personal growth, improved relationships and prosperity. Her new book, “Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It,” shows how to achieve a better tomorrow. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork,  call: 561-408-2708.

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