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7 Steps to Getting Things Done in a New Year

January is the perfect time to energize your world for the New Year. Did you make New Year’s resolutions to improve your life as the clock struck midnight? Did you also give thought to just how you are going to accomplish those ideal goals and objectives, to take control of your life or to achieve a more abundant life in the New Year?

In order to simplify the accomplishment of those resolutions, think of them as an energy shift in your surroundings and within. Then, use Feng Shui as a tool to help you create your new future.

Anytime you set out to change something for the better whether physical or mental, you are also setting out to shift the energy in your world from where it currently is to something better. Feng Shui is all about using positive energy in your life and surroundings to bring about desired results. Call it goal setting or making New Year’s resolutions; it is all about how to shift the energy you currently surround yourself with to something better and how to focus the new energy so your life can improve.

A Simple Feng Shui Formula

Some people try to make Feng Shui a very complicated and even a somewhat mysterious science, religion or art form. It is simply living a lifestyle that maximizes things, people and thoughts that provide positive uplifting encouraging energy in your surroundings and minimizes, even eliminates that which gives you negative energy. A simple energy shifting formula will help you – it is easy to remember or simply jot it on a sticky note and put it on your refrigerator or computer.

CSS + PT = BS.

The formula translation is Color, Shape and Sound plus People and Thoughts equals a Balanced Self. When you consider it, almost everything in your world consists of colors, shapes and sounds. Add to that the people you surround yourself with and the self talk or thoughts constantly running through your head and you either have a balanced self that is productive and excels or an unbalanced self that is never quite meeting desires and expectations. By eliminating those things, people and thoughts that do not serve you well because they create negative energy and replacing them with things, people and thoughts that energize you and your world, you will experience a better 2009.

7 Steps to a Better and Abundant 2009

  1. Color helps you take control. If your home or office has too many quiet somber colors or dark ones, energize it by using brighter and lighter colors. This simple change will lift your spirits and energize your mood and productivity. If the colors are already too bright and loud making your feel hyper, use quieter, softer or more pastel colors to lower the energy level. You will be more productive and in-control of your life.

  2. Clothing provides energy. Little thought is given to the fact that the clothes you wear either contribute to your well-being and productivity or surround your with negative energy making it difficult for you to succeed, creating stress and fatigue. Dark, bright and strong colors in clothing will provide you high energy enabling you to be more productive while soft colors, neutrals and light colors are lower energy, very calming and make you feel more relaxed with less stress. Clothing color, style and fit determine your productivity and creativity for the day.

  3. Shapes need to support you. Too many straight lines in furniture and hallways dramatically increase the speed of energy as it moves through your surroundings making your feel edgy. The curving lines of softly upholstered furniture, pictures with gentle streams and fabric window treatments slow energy down as it travels through your surroundings. If you have too much softness and feel un-energized, add hard edges and straight lines to your furnishings. Do the reverse if there is too much energy. Create a balanced efficient and effective comfort zone by using the right shapes.

  4. Sound establishes your emotional environment. Are your surroundings at home and work conducive to self-control, productivity and creativity while being stress-free and calm? Today’s environment is filled with noise pollution that bombards us 24/7 externally in the form of equipment, traffic, sirens etc. and internally through television, radio, air conditioners/furnaces and florescent lighting etc. Added to that devices hanging on ears that constantly ring and interrupt ones quiet time or thinking along with other devices that pump all types of sounds in the form of music into heads. Noise pollution is a great stressor when one is not aware of its effects on the body. Eliminate as much sound pollution from your life as possible to calm your environment. Then add peaceful music that generates a productive environment to create the life you want for the New Year.

  5. People play a huge energy role in your future. Evaluate all of the people you come into regular contact with and determine whether they provide you uplifting positive energy and encouragement or are always filled with negative thinking and a defeatist attitude. You are in control of yourself and sometimes you need to make some choices in your life that are difficult such as eliminating some people from your immediate surroundings that constantly lower your energy levels and fill you with negative thinking. You do not necessarily need to totally remove them but do reduce the amount of time you spend with them. Surround yourself with only positive uplifting and encouraging people to create a better tomorrow.

  6. Personal thoughts create your future. Besides people your personal thoughts are the other way to surround yourself with positive uplifting energy. If you constantly bombard yourself with negative thoughts, you will be filled with negative, depressed, “can’t do” energy thinking. On the other hand, if you are constantly telling yourself that “I can do it”, “I will get that better job” or “I will lose ten pounds by ______” then you are filling yourself with positive uplifting energy. A constant negative loop of self-talk creates failure; a constant positive loop of self-talk creates a better tomorrow.

  7. Regenerate your mind and soul weekly. Sleep helps regenerate your body on a daily basis but you also need to regenerate your inner self and your thoughts. Read something regularly to nourish your mind and soul. If religious things are uplifting for you, start with the Bible and the thousands of other inspirational writings in this category. If you are looking for something different to feed your mind while nurturing yourself try some books by: John Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peal, Joel Osteen, Tom Peters and Napoleon Hill. Nourishing your mind and soul guarantees keeping your thinking on the positive side and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Making your world and your surroundings better using Feng Shui principles is your roadmap to a better 2009. Follow the guidelines set forth in the simple formula CSS + PT = BS and the 7 Steps that follow. You need to create a Balanced Self so you can greatly improve the energy in your personal world.

Positive energy like good news is always welcome and contagious. Once you have some you will want more. It’s the use of positive energy in your surroundings and your thinking that will help you get things done in 2009 and will lead to an abundant New Year.


© Pat Heydlauff, All Rights Reserved

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, uses Feng Shui design principles to eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. More than a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a consultant and speaker who helps remove clutter and negativity while encouraging personal growth, improved relationships and prosperity. Her new book, “Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It,” shows how to achieve a better tomorrow. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork,  call: 561-408-2708.

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