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Create a goal oriented office

Have you ever walked into your office whether at work or at home and thought, “why can’t I get anything done in here”? If you work outside of the home, do you ever wonder, “is everyone here playing on the same company team”? Do you sometimes question, “is there something I can do in my cubicle, office or home work space to motivate me, keep me focused and productive”?

These are common questions asked by employees in the corporate and professional world as well as the home office user. The only difference is that in the home office the person using it is usually in total control of “their space” and surroundings where as in the business world office, the control is mostly in other’s hands. However the motivation, staying focused and productivity issues are just as challenging in either setting. The key factor to consider in office space is whether it is properly setup and energized for doing business and only business in that space.

I am going to assume for the purpose of this article that you will have control only of your office space or cubicle, not the entire business space. Properly setting up and energizing your space will make a noticeably positive difference in your productivity which will become obvious to the organization you work for. By properly energizing your space you will help to positively shift the energy for the entire area you are located in which in turn will help others plus the company you work for.

In order to provide you the best possible positive energy and command the most respect, your desk should always be opposite or kitty-corner from your entrance door. If it is possible for you to move your desk, do so. You should never sit with your back to the door or in a position where you cannot see at all times someone approaching you. It is difficult to concentrate and stay focused when at any moment you could be startled by a wanted or unwanted visitor in your office. If it is impossible for you to move your desk, place a small mirror or a larger shiny container on your desk so you can always see someone approaching you. It will make a major difference in your productivity and ability to concentrate.

Next, energize your good fortune, helpful people and knowledge areas of your office as follows. To energize good fortune or luck in the south area of your office place something red that is generally speaking triangular. It can be a picture of the Rocky Mountains reflecting the red of a morning sunrise (be sure to frame it in red). It can also be a sculpture or vase as long as it is red, slightly triangular shaped and pointing upward. Next energize the helpful people area in the northwest part of your office with something silver. It can be a picture framed in silver of you and your associates working together on a successful project or a picture of Lance Armstrong and his bicycle team winning the Tour de France. It can also be a round silver plate. Silver and/or a round shape energizes helpful people which is something much needed in the work place. Then energize your knowledge area in the northeast portion of your office with books, trade journals or training manuals that will help you grow and advance. If your work space is a cubicle then make these energy enhancements on your desk.

The final step is to make sure you have no clutter on the top of your desk, by your telephone or computer. Clutter on your desk prevents you from staying focused and being productive. Find ways to organize the projects you are working on either on top of your desk or in it. Keep current materials nearby and place the others into a holding area. Also, clutter includes all those cute things on the desk or walls including pictures of family, children or grandchildren. Even though they are personally very welcoming, all those eyes are very distracting and not conducive to staying focused and being productive. Keep them to an absolute minimum.

Better concentration and focus leads to motivation which is greatly needed in order for you to succeed, meet deadlines and be more productive. There are so many distractions in daily living that care must be given to developing the proper energy needed for maximum productivity while working so you can leave work behind at the end of your busy day and partake in much needed rest, family activities and recreation. By positively shifting your work space energy, you will also create a positive energy shift for those in your immediate surroundings.


© Pat Heydlauff, All Rights Reserved

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, uses Feng Shui design principles to eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. More than a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a consultant and speaker who helps remove clutter and negativity while encouraging personal growth, improved relationships and prosperity. Her new book, “Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It,” shows how to achieve a better tomorrow. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork,  call: 561-408-2708.

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