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Energy makes a difference whether at home or in business

I’ve had a number of clients and students ask, “Is the process any different when positively energizing an office or business versus a home”? “Are there basic principles you can follow when using Feng Shui for a business client versus a home client”? Or, “why would you even consider energizing the relationship and health areas of a business? I understand how that is important in a family but how does energizing those areas relate to the business environment”?

The answer to this question is very simple, no. Whether at home or at a business you still want to generate as much positive energy as possible so the business can grow financially, expand its services, find new sources of income, have productive focused employees and satisfied customers. For those who read my articles regularly, you may recall my basic definition of Feng Shui, “the use of positive energy to bring about desired results”. The desired results for a business may be different than those for a family home but you still use the same basic principles.

In fact, you begin in the exact same place with a business as with a home, the exterior of the building and the entrance. If positive energy cannot find your entrance and enter your business neither can customers. If customers do not frequent your business because you are a service and you go to them, you still need really good energy in your office or the building your office is housed in. Make sure the entrance is visible, clean and inviting. Prune any overgrown shrubbery and remove any plantings that are dead or look unhealthy. To energy and customers unhealthy plantings reflect the well being of your business, not just the entrance.

Next, clutter is every bit as much of a problem in a business as it is in a home. Get rid of things that are broken or no longer needed. If there are stacks and stacks of paper everywhere and none of them are in use, file those that are needed as permanent records or are part of on-going work and trash the rest. Just how many copies do you need of a brochure or promotion you ran two years ago? If you are a retail outlet, put the old inventory on sale and move it through at cost if necessary. Old inventory, stacks of paperwork, broken and outdated items create negative energy and do not allow for new business ideas, new clients and new income generating revenue streams to manifest. The old is standing in the way taking up space and not allowing the new to enter. To further energize new positive healthy growth place a picture of tall strong growing trees or some large green plants (silk or live) in the east area of your business entrance and in the same area of your office and the offices of key employees.

Whether you are a business that employs one, yourself, or many, relationships are critical to your success. Not only do you need energized employees that stay focused and have a high work ethic but you also need satisfied customers. Positively energized relationships are a key to a successful business with a prosperous future. Make sure the color of the walls surrounding everyone is conducive to productivity and focused on customer satisfaction. Pure white walls with dark flooring are very conducive to focusing and productivity. If there is a lot of customer interaction, paint the walls a pastel light green with a touch of blue mixed in. The flooring should be a medium to dark value of the same color. This is a cool calming color that is welcoming and great for customer interaction whether by phone or in person. A great picture of you and your team with a satisfied happy customer placed in the southwest area of your office and the business entrance further energizes positive relationships.

The third thing to consider is the helpful people area which is in the northwest corner of your business. This is the area in the entrance, your office and that of key employees you want to energize with something silver. Silver energizes helpful people energy and who couldn’t use lots of helpful people when you are in business. It’s helpful people that spread by word of mouth how good you are at your specialty or how well they were treated by you. It is helpful people that bring you new customers. They truly are your best walking talking advertising. When energizing this area with silver you can be dramatic and use something like a life sized knight in shining armor or a trophy you were given for excellence. As long as the silver piece has substance and size it will work. Keep it polished, you don’t want to tarnish your image.

Feng Shui energy and principles serve the business community in the same way they serve the personal home. The energy needs to enter and slowly meander throughout so it can deposit desirable new energy where needed. If clutter is in the way, it is not encouraged to stay and will not help you promote new growth and prosperity. Remember whether at home or in the business community my philosophy applies equally, “everything you say, think and do matters”. In this case, you want lots of positive energy to help create prosperity and abundance in your business.


© Pat Heydlauff, All Rights Reserved

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design, uses Feng Shui design principles to eliminate chaos and stress at home and within oneself. More than a Feng Shui expert, Pat is a consultant and speaker who helps remove clutter and negativity while encouraging personal growth, improved relationships and prosperity. Her new book, “Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It,” shows how to achieve a better tomorrow. For information on her consulting, speaking and artwork,  call: 561-408-2708.

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