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Fall clean your mental cobwebs

Fall is often thought of as a time for cleaning and uncluttering, only on a much smaller scale than spring when our houses usually go through a complete metamorphosis from winter to summer. That makes fall the perfect time to do internal fall cleaning, not your home and the things you’ve surrounded yourself with but your thoughts, pre-conceived notions and the walls we psychologically build around ourselves.

Fall is a great time to prepare mentally for the upcoming holiday season and the New Year ahead. Is your 2007 going to be the same as all past years or is it going to be better. Are you going to shift energy to allow you to be more creative and look at relationships in a new light? Or, are you going to do mental gymnastics that justify past feelings and awkward relationships between you and your parents, spouse, teachers and organization leaders?

Sometimes an incident occurs in our lives that can be handled calmly and quietly but others get involved and we allow them to whip us into a place of frenzy or exasperation. Perhaps you wind up totally blaming an innocent leader for everything that went wrong when things could have been handled more peacefully and you would have realized your organization leader really was trying to do everything possible at that moment.

Relationships with spouses, parents and children also change as our birthdays roll around on the calendar each year. You may be in a transition place with parents that have become seniors and are no longer really able to care for themselves. Or your children may have left home because of college or marriage and your life is going through dramatic change. The growing up of a child and becoming independent or the growing older and more dependent of a parent can create major disruptive change if you are holding onto a lot of irrelevant stuff. Or, perhaps your spouse has been ill and you need to transition your thinking temporarily or maybe even permanently about traveling and an active live style to the realization that life has indeed changed.

Whatever the changes or events are that have occurred in the recent or distant past, fall is a great time to dust off the cobwebs, evaluate and implement the lessons you learn through this process and get rid of any negative energy. It is the unresolved issues, the incorrect influences of others and the fear of change that creates negative energy within. The sooner you can acknowledge that a shift needs to happen, evaluate the information and implement the lessons you need to learn, the sooner you can get rid of any negative energy you are harboring.

These types of thoughts you hold onto year after year become clutter in your mind or cobwebs so to speak. The more of these incidents of someone else negatively influencing your thinking or pre-conceived notions about what life should be like when your parents age, your spouse becomes ill or children move on and out make it very difficult for open thinking and new energy thoughts to enter. That means you hold onto a lot of stagnant negative energy within that prevents you from meeting the external world head on.

There is a simple formula here to follow that will make it easier: A + E + I = BS. A = acknowledging that something either needs to or has changed. E = evaluating just what happened that caused the inaccurate thinking or actions and to learn the appropriate lessons paving the way for change or new energy. I = implementing changes in your thinking which is what makes the old issues or events disappear and allows for that wonderful new restorative energy to enter. And, BS = balancing self which is the mental state you need to be in for energy to shift and new to happen.

With all of the gorgeous colors provided by the changing of the season to fall and the slight chill in the air, think change for self as well. After acknowledging, evaluating and implementing the changes you feel are important the “new balanced you” will feel refreshed as the cool air of the season and exhibit the radiant glow of season’s richly colored wardrobe.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved

Pat Heydlauff is a Feng Shui consultant, artist, public speaker and columnist. She has been a Feng Shui specialist consulting with families and businesses since the early 90’s with clients ranging from California and the Midwest to Florida. Her unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous Feng Shui presentations along with stunning art work based on the science of energy by design. For Feng Shui consultations, speaking engagements and energy design work in the home, visit: or call: 561-408-2708.

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