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Build a Bridge to a Better Tomorrow

A number of my current clients seem to be dealing with major issues or hang-ups from the past – things I refer to as mental clutter. The issues seem overwhelming and range from sibling and parent relationships to chemical and co-dependencies; even just being stuck – suspended in mid air, not able to move forward but definitely not wanting to move backward.

Constantly looking back over your shoulder through the years that have passed is not a fun way to live your life – and certainly no way to move forward. Even worse, everything you do and every relationship your have in the present is tainted by your feelings and emotions you still have tied to your past.

For those that are in the space of being stuck – a feeling of total helplessness takes over and can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. It is much easier to deal with life once you make a decision and take action than staying in the negative space of being stuck with no end in sight.

Negative energy issues like these don’t just go away without you taking specific action. They not only tie you to the past, not allowing you to move forward to a better and more joy filled life but also allow other issues to creep into you life such as over-eating, becoming a victim and not taking responsibility for creating a better tomorrow for yourself.

Unclutter Your Mind First

In the case of Client A, she was dealing with many painful feelings of an unfilled Mother-daughter relationship. My client, the daughter, longed for the nurturing loving childhood she never had – she felt she had hundreds of empty cavities in her heart that had never been filled with a loving nurturing Mother-daughter relationship. This prevented her for many years from having any meaningful close adult to adult relationships. What’s equally bad is that these types of issues have a tendency of repeating themselves in generations to come such as the next Mother-daughter or son relationship.

The Feng Shui tool we used to help her unclutter her thinking and create balance plus build a strong bridge for her to cross into a better future was simple – a tablet and a pen.

I recommended she write on a tablet everything she could possibly think of that she longed for or that created all of the hurts and heartaches. I told her she do this for several weeks until she could not think of even one more thing. I also asked her to go all the way back to her earliest memories of childhood and put everything on her tablet she heard others say about her that were hurtful or in some way created the empty cavities in her heart. She was to leave nothing behind; not one negative thought, not one wish or one hurtful remark.

Once she recorded everything on paper I then instructed her to tear it into shreds – millions of little pieces. And, then light a safe fire outdoors in a pail or grilling pit and watch all the negative feelings and emotions go up in flames and leave her for good.

Building Your Bridge to Your Future

Once Client A got rid of all of the negative thoughts and energy from the past that have plagued her for years, I then taught her how to keep them from returning. If she noticed a negative thought from the past trying to creep back into her life, I taught her to say thank you to the negative thought and then firmly let it know that it was no longer needed as it served its purpose for all those many years and that she has now graduated and promoted herself to a new life, crossing her bridge to the new future she created when she let go of the past.

The only way to build a positive energy bridge to the future is to let go of the past. That is the first step in creating your new bridge to a better future.

This very same process was also used by Client B who was constantly dealing with the residue of a multitude of dependencies as well as Client C who just seemed like he was suspended in space and time – paralyzed and unable to move in any direction.

I asked Client B to list everything that she experienced during all of her dependency as well as all of the residue issues. In her case I also asked her to add to the list things that she felt contributed to her becoming dependent. I asked Client C to list everything he thought contributed to his endless suspension of time and space and his inability to move forward.

In both cases, once they were sure everything was on their list, I had each of them follow the same procedure as Client A in disposing of all of their negative energy and negative issues. And then use the same technique of saying thank you and letting any old negative thought know it was no longer needed just to make sure the negative thoughts stayed away.

In the case of all three clients, they met with success in building their bridge to a better tomorrow. It wouldn’t have mattered if Client A was the daughter or the Mother, a son, a sister, a brother or even an X-spouse – the same process would be followed. First, they needed to unclutter the negative energy from the past and then second – keep it away.

Not only did they survive but they learned how to create balance in their lives and build an energy bridge to a better more hope filled tomorrow.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved 2008

Pat Heydlauff, president of Energy Design,and Feng Shui expert, is a consultant, speaker, columnist and award-winning artist. She has been consulting with individuals, families, and companies since the early 1990’s, with clients ranging from California to Florida. In addition, she speaks at corporate and organizational functions, and gives seminars to enhance productivity.

visit: or call: 561-408-2708.

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