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Is your personal energy quotient full?

Is there such a thing as a personal energy quotient? If the answer is yes, just what exactly is it? And, how do you know if it is full or empty? These questions are often raised by students in my classes or when dealing directly with a client in their home or office. The answer is “yes”, everyone has a personal energy quotient and it is very important that your energy quotient is close to full at all times.

When your personal energy is too low, you will attract negative energy such as harassing telephone calls, misfortune in the way of accidents and people giving you a hard time. You will complain that you are always tired or you feel like there is no hope. In Feng Shui, often way too much emphasis is put on the placement of specific things in your surroundings and the direction something faces with no where near enough emphasis placed on your personal energy. You can have the most beautiful house in the world with perfect surroundings and everything in the exact right place but if you have not aligned your own personal energy with your surrounding your energy quotient will be out of sync with your surroundings and you will feel unbalanced.

When your personal energy and the energy of your home or office and surroundings are out of sync you will feel very disjointed and un-energetic. In fact you will feel quite drained. If you’ve ever worked someplace where you were really unhappy your energy quotient was low because you were not in harmony with your employer. If you’ve ever lived in a neighborhood where you hated to go home or were afraid to go home your personal energy was being drained by your neighborhood because you and your neighborhood were out of balance making your energy quotient low.

Feng Shui is not only about placement, color, design, numbers and directions, it is all about “using positive energy to bring about desired results”. And, realizing that “everything you say, think and do matters”. Ultimately Feng Shui is about external safety and prosperity and internal joy and peace. The internal joy and peace is the result of a full energy quotient that is in sync with your external world and provides you hope.

So, the real question is just how do you fill your personal energy quotient yet live in today’s world. I’ve created a simple formula to follow, one that makes raising your personal energy quotient much easier than you might think. It is Y + S + T = JP. Change always begins with Y which is you. Until you decide you want to positively energize your life, it will not happen. And your surroundings, S are also one third of the equation. Everything and everybody you surround yourself with matters. Surroundings include colors, shapes, sounds, the food you eat and yes, even the people you associate with regularly. The part of the equation that is usually overlooked is the internal thinking, T. In order to find joy, J and peace within, P you need to align you with your surroundings and your thinking.

In other words, you not only need to positively energize your home or office and keep people in your life that energize not drain your quotient, but you also need to un-clutter your thinking in order to allow new energizing thoughts to enter. If you are still holding onto negative thinking that applied to past relationships, career paths or health practices but now are totally out of date or irrelevant, how can you possibly have a full positive energy quotient? When your thinking contains negative thoughts from the past it stifles hope; and without hope you cannot have joy or peace.

Follow the simple formula Y + S + T = JP and you will be amazed at how much more positive energy and positive thoughts will enter your life. The ultimate benefit of a full personal energy quotient is finding hope. Once you find hope it leads to joy and peace within.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved

Pat Heydlauff is a Feng Shui consultant, artist, public speaker and columnist. She has been a Feng Shui specialist consulting with families and businesses since the early 90’s with clients ranging from California and the Midwest to Florida. Her unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous Feng Shui presentations along with stunning art work based on the science of energy by design. For Feng Shui consultations, speaking engagements and energy design work in the home, visit: or call: 561-408-2708.

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