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Productivity Low – What's on Your Walls?

Is there is direct relationship between productivity and walls in your office? The answer is a resounding yes.

Office walls that are too bright, too dark, too cluttered or too empty will make a huge difference in your productivity and performance. For example, dark walls can make you feel like you  are in a cave and hiding from the world – hence, less productive. White or bright walls can do just the opposite – make you tense and irritable – also less productive. For maximum productivity use light tinted shades of color ranging from blues, greens to earth tones.

if your walls are already a great color, what about the pictures hanging on them? What do you look at every day? Does it serve you well, motivate or inspire you. Just another pretty picture will not cut it in an office setting. Are there too many pictures, product posters and growth charts on the walls that  distract you. As a general rule, less is better. You should see 80% of the wall. However, too empty can also leave you feeling  vacant and unproductive.

In an office think business, trade, commerce and growth when you select artwork.. To increase productivity, try a picture of California redwoods reaching to the sky for business growth or one of the Danube River in Budapest, historically one of the busiest commerce waterways in Europe. If using pictures of trees, make sure they are healthy, strong and reaching upward; or when choosing something like the Danube River, make sure the water is flowing commerce and productivity toward you, not away from you.

If you are going to spend at least eight hours per day in your office, be sure everything in it energetically supports you just as your electronic and social media technology does.

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