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Stay Focused, Stay in Control

Does your life feel like you are on a merry-go-round but you don’t quite know how to get off? Do you think you are “in control” yet deep down inside really know you are not? Is everything around you happening at warp speed with you in the center on permanent fast forward?

This happens to all of us occasionally. We just get so busy and involved with so many things that we are not aware of our bodies trying to tell us we are on overload. It tries to give us subtle messages to get back in control of our lives but we usually do not hear the cries for help. This process can go on for years and take the form of being constantly late, rushing to everywhere because you are always just a little late, have minor accidents and colds or allergies that show up at the most inconvenient times. Then one day our bodies start yelling at us, “you better stop and pay attention or I will make you stop”. When you get to that point your body will indeed do something drastic to get your attention like letting you trip, fall and break a leg. Or, getting severe headaches out of the blue but you can never quite pin point where they are coming from.

There may be other signs such as your car keeps needing minor (but expensive) repairs, your computer constantly has little problems or you get tons of email or snail mail that is not exactly your cup of tea. Or, you may continually over commit at work or with volunteer work so you get even further behind. Unfortunately, you must deal with all of the above promptly or your life will spin further out of control.

I’m sure you can add a million things to my short list above. It is far less important however that you add to my list than it is to recognize that something is seriously going astray in your life. When your life is out of control chaos sets in. Once chaos becomes a way of life circumstances, events and others are in control of your life, not you. When you reach this stage peace and joy within become a huge missing link. It is way past time to step back, evaluate and take action, Feng Shui principled positive energy shifting action.

To help resolve being out of control you need to become extremely focused on exactly what needs to be changed. Are you overcommitted at work with no time left for a personal life, recreation or family and friends? Are you so involved with your children’s or grandchildren’s activities that there is no time left for you? Are you so involved in community service or volunteer work that you get caught up in every event and don’t know enough to say “no”?

Carefully evaluate all the things that take up time in your daily activities that contribute to being out of control. Then determine which ones are so important that you cannot live without them. If it’s helpful, create a list to make the job easier. List everything you do every day of the week for a month, yes everything! Then rank them in order of importance with No. 1 being the most important. To shift energy and get back in control of your life you need to remove at least one third of the things on the bottom of your list the first time through. Be merciless when doing this or you will not regain control; use the old saying “just say no”. After all, it is your life and you want it back.

Go through a couple of weeks after you’ve remove one third of your time controllers to see if things start to improve. As the energy shifts you will definitely notice a positive change if you’ve eliminated enough items from your life. Stay focused and pay attention to what is happening in your surroundings. If things haven’t improved enough then go right back to your list and remove 25% of what is still left on your list. You will eventually end up with only those things that are most important or necessary in your life and get rid of those that are causing your life to spin out of control.

When you are shifting energy using Feng Shui principles it is important to remove those things that are creating negative energy first so there is room for new energy to enter. Staying focused and removing those things that devour your time not only helps you stay in control of your life but also leads to peace and joy within.


© Pat Heydlauff, all rights reserved

Pat Heydlauff is a Feng Shui consultant, artist, public speaker and columnist. She has been a Feng Shui specialist consulting with families and businesses since the early 90’s with clients ranging from California and the Midwest to Florida. Her unique artistic style and love for balance and harmony in her life has led her to conceptualize and create numerous Feng Shui presentations along with stunning art work based on the science of energy by design. For Feng Shui consultations, speaking engagements and energy design work in the home, visit: or call: 561-408-2708.

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